Syrian Refugees and Social Cohesion in Jordan

Practice Aim

To measure social cohesion in the Jordanian context and to gain a cursory understanding of providing a limited worker rights to Syrian refugees in Jordan

Target Groups

Jordanian and Syrian parents who had developed perceptions of one another based on contact through their children’s schooling. Participants were Jordanian factory workers — a population that could, in both the present and future be in direct competition with Syrian workers for factory jobs

Identification of stakeholders that made an identification of the practice: Reception centre professionals of reception centres sustained by the Finnish Red Cross, focus group discussions

Criteria actors or stakeholder are using to assess them as a “good practice”

Attention of a particular group of asylum seekers

Name and leading organization (contact details provided)

Reception centres sustained by the Finnish Red Cross

Target VG and type of host community

Asylum seeking women in reception centres

Application setting

Additional activities, that are provided in reception centres apart from the statutory reception services, such as gyms and football, are not often attracting women. Moreover, some women appreciate group activities that are targeted only for women. Some centres are providing woman-only activities.


To offer the women living in reception centres meaningful action in comfortable environment.



Requirements/ accessibility issues

Mothers of small children need someone to take care of their children in order to participate the activity.

Performance procedures

The performance of the procedure varies from centre to another. Activities include, for instance, women-only sport or cultural activities or trips, for example visits to swimming pools and clubs for handicrafts, cooking or art. The activities are tutored by either reception centre professionals or volunteers. The amount of group activity varies from weekly activities to occasional trips/visits.

Difficulties or constrains for its implementation

Human recourses of the reception services. The anxiety caused by the liminal situation of asylum seeking and issues related to asylum investigation may decrease the motivation of asylum seeking women to participate in the activities.


Increase of wellbeing of women in reception centres.