Unaccompanied Children

Vocational Education and Training &Higher Education Program for vulnerable Syrians and disadvantaged youth from host communities

To provide equal access to further and higher education in the region for Syrian youth who have finished their Tawjihi exam (Secondary School Certificate) in Syria or in the neighbouring countries without being able to continue their University studies or had to abandon their studies because of the war and displacements.

Humanitarian corridors in Italy a legal and safe alternative

To avoid boat trips through the Mediterranean and to grant people in “vulnerable conditions” legal entry into Italian territory with a humanitarian visa and the opportunity to apply for asylum at a later date.

Integral and Emergency Reception Programme for People and Families in Temporary Protection Regime in Spain and Migrants in Extreme Vulnerability Situation in the Mejía Lequerica City Council Shelter

To provide attention, support and emergency accommodation, on a temporary basis at the Mejía Lequerica Municipal Shelter, to applicants and beneficiaries of international protection, until they can access the social protection provided by the national asylum system and migrant people in a situation of high vulnerability.