Improved access to sustainable livelihood opportunities for vulnerable youth and women refugees and host population members residing in Irbid, Jordan: A Market Assessment of Bani Kinanah and North Mazar Districts

To improve the socio-economic situation of Jordanian and Syrian women and youth by building their skills and experience to better identify and access job opportunities and build their capacities to plan and manage their own income generating initiatives.

Vocational Education and Training &Higher Education Program for vulnerable Syrians and disadvantaged youth from host communities

To provide equal access to further and higher education in the region for Syrian youth who have finished their Tawjihi exam (Secondary School Certificate) in Syria or in the neighbouring countries without being able to continue their University studies or had to abandon their studies because of the war and displacements.


Identification of stakeholders that made an identification of the practice Béla Soltész, Menedék - Hungarian Association for Migrants Criteria actors or stakeholder are using to assess them as a “good practice” Enabling the staff of the municipality for dealing with...