ALL (general)

Women and Girls’ Safe Space (WGSS)

Name and leading organization UNFPA, Osmangazi University. Target VG and type of host community Forcibly displaced women and girls. Objectives Socialize and re-build their social networks;Receive social support;Acquire contextually relevant skills;Access safe and...


Identification of stakeholders that made an identification of the practice Béla Soltész, Menedék - Hungarian Association for Migrants Criteria actors or stakeholder are using to assess them as a “good practice” Enabling the staff of the municipality for dealing with...

Building bridges

To enhance the integration of third-country nationals in the city of Budapest, by providing support for building the capacity of the local administration to develop and implement local integration strategies, to set up migration information points, and to establish partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Refugee outreach

To offer individual casework and social counselling in Budapest focusing on the individual needs and problems of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection (i.e. general support in communication between refugees and authorities, employers, flat owners and utility companies in order to prevent or manage intercultural or language conflicts, as well as legal counselling to refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection).

Madrid for All

To collect the resources offered by the 21 districts of Madrid; but it has a vocation of being replicated in other locations: Mapping of free resources and autonomous access for refugees and migrants

Relational volunteer model

To Promote supportive relationships between local and migrant citizens, through close and personal support that gives refugee and migrant people new tools for social inclusion. The model is based on the company and active listening, favoring a stable relationship over time

District Action Teams

To improve the quality of life, social cohesion and territorial rebalancing in the Districts of Centro, Chamberí and Tetuán, through the regeneration of the urban environment and the dignification of the common space.