Madrid for All

Practice Aim

To collect the resources offered by the 21 districts of Madrid; but it has a vocation of being replicated in other locations: Mapping of free resources and autonomous access for refugees and migrants

Target Groups

Newcomers to the system and people whose programs end and they are deprived of basic resources (gender perspective).

Identification of stakeholders that made an identification of the practice: World in motion (Mundo en Movimiento)


Berta de la Dehesa (609109995) and María Paramés (660836347). Email:

it is a project in itself. It is called Madrid for All and it is being developed with the work of Mundo en Movimiento volunteers:

Madrid for All is a project of Mundo en Movimiento, an organization that deals with multidimensional aspects of migration and the promotion of global citizenship.

Madrid for All is the result of the mapping of free access services available for refugees and migrants in the city of Madrid. It is embodied in a simple and intuitive web page, where the available resources are shown geo-located, and the information regarding how to access them in the Madrid 21 districts is provided in several languages. Web access link:


Our main objective is that people on the move without resources, especially newcomers, can learn about the free services available in the city of Madrid: which free services are available, where can be found and how to access them. We also want to make visible to each other the available services, experiences or products that different organizations and support groups offer to refugees and migrants. Finally, we want that people who are willing to donate resources to know where and how to do it.

The development of the mapping includes an intersectional gender perspective, which allow us to recognize the different realities of the migratory process and pay integral attention to the oppressions that people might suffer along the process, because of their gender identity, sexual orientation, origin, age, etc. As a practical reflection of this approach, the web page includes filters to present the available services for specific groups. In addition, to simplify the search for the resource, a menu collects and classifies the services into different categories ranging from basic needs (food, accommodation, clothing, etc.), through education, legal advice or employment guidance, to resources for leisure and free time.

We have developed this project during this year from our participation in the Hack4Good Madrid 2018, the open group that we have created in Medialab Prado, the collaboration with Salud Entre Culturas and the good work of people who voluntarily collaborate with our knowledge and time.

The Madrid For All website has two especially efficient features for use by the rest of the world:

  • It is programmed in free code, accessible from the profile of Moving World in GitHub, because they firmly believe that the world is built thanks to the knowledge of all people. In this way, anyone can freely use all the technology developed to replicate the project in other places and have the support of Mundo en Movimiento for its elaboration.
  • No database is needed, since they use a code converter that operates on local files to keep information secure and up to date.

They have developed this project during this year from their participation in the Hack4Good Madrid 2018, the open group that they have created in Medialab Prado, the collaboration with Salud Entre Culturas and the good work of people who voluntarily collaborate with.

Project/ beneficiaries

This mapping can be used by all people on the move, regardless of their administrative situation in the country. Regarding the forced displaced, we believe that it can help them in two moments of their migration process:

  1. Upon arrival, while formalizing their situation as refugees as they do not have any help until they are recognized. (Let us take into account the saturation situation of the OAR, the times are very long, being able to spend months and even years between the asylum request and the interview).
    1. When their link to the reception program ends and they are deprived of basic resources (between 6 months and 2 years, situation of the most vulnerable people).

Main need and vulnerabilities

The difficulties and injustices that a migrant or refugee lives with do not end when their trip ends. Arriving in a country with a different culture and without a support network is a huge obstacle to integration and development itself. The combination of the citizen and institutional response offers a range of resources that, although they exist, it is difficult to know. This mapping pays special attention to the specific vulnerabilities of migrant groups, classifying resources through filters of age, gender, origin and sexual orientation. The project is underway and in constant reflection, open to detect other vulnerabilities that require specific resources that may be incorporated into the mapping.

Application Context

Madrid For All, as its name implies, it is born. For example, the NO BORDERS Iceland association has contacted them to make Iceland For All. They are already in contact with NO BORDERS volunteers to make the world a place of welcome.