Process oriented results

D 2.3

Lead beneficiary: 1 – UCM
Timing: Feb. 2021

Progress report – Second year

D 3.1

Lead beneficiary: 5 – MENEDEK
Timing: Nov. 2019

Ethics Plan

The Ethics Plan contains the procedures to be followed by all the participants. In particular, for the ARUs:

  1. Issues on data collection.
  2. Interviews.
  3. Informed consent.
  4. Anonymity of interviewed people.
  5. Compensation to participants.
  6. Gender perspective
  7. Multi-functional teams.
  8. Regular participatory assessments with representatives of all target groups.
  9. Multi-perspective analysis.

D 9.1

Lead beneficiary: 2 – CESIE
Timing: Jul. 2019

Data Management Plan

The DMP describes the data management life cycle for all data sets that are collected, processed or generated by the research project. It also specifies the methodology and standards for the data management, and whether these data are to be shared and/or made open, and how data are curated and preserved.
The DMP deliverable complies with the template provided by the EC in ‘ANNEX 1: Horizon 2020 FAIR Data Management Plan (DMP) template’.

D 9.2

Lead beneficiary: 2 – CESIE
Timing: Jun. 2019

Privacy Plan

The Privacy Plan focuses on security and confidentiality of data in the software of the project. It includes the measures to avoid any undesired disclose of information.

D 9.3

Lead beneficiary: 2 – CESIE
Timing: Jul. 2019

Communication and Dissemination plan

The Communication and Dissemination Plan includes:

  • Plans for events and publications, with guidelines for publishing in open access.
  • Plan for project’s media.
  • Planning of communication actions.
  • Indicators of success.

D 9.4

Lead beneficiary: 2 – CESIE
Timing: Feb. 2020

Communication materials: press & media products


Communication materials: Press and Media products, include:
– Visual identity of the project (logo, graphical chart for project documents).
– Brochure and other creative supports as required.

D 9.6

Lead beneficiary: 2 – CESIE
Timing: May. 2019

Project website

The public website is the basis for the wide diffusion of project information. It contains information on: the project (e.g. scope, objectives, time schedule, activities and results); public materials (e.g. communication toolkit, documents and videos) of the project; agenda of dissemination and communication activities.

D 9.7

Lead beneficiary: 2 – CESIE
Timing: Jul. 2019

Communication materials: videos, e- Newsletters or project blog addressed to key stakeholders

Communication materials: videos, e-newsletters or project blog addressed to key stakeholders.