Public Deliverables


Deliverable Title

Lead beneficiary


Diss. level

D2.3Progress report – Second year1 – UCMFeb. 2021Public, upon request
D3.1Ethics Plan5 – MENEDEKNov. 2019Public
D3.2Work methodology and guidelines1 – UCMDec. 2019Public
D3.3TAIS methodology and guidelines – preliminary version1 – UCMOct. 2020Public
D3.4TAIS methodology and guidelines1 – UCMJan. 2022Public, Open Access
D3.5Recommendations on the adoption of a TAIS- oriented approach2 – CESIEJan. 2022Public, Open Access
D4.1Vulnerability context: definition and guidelines – preliminary version6 – AUMar. 2020Public, Open Access
D4.2Vulnerability context: definition and guidelines6 – AUSep. 2021Public, Open Access
D4.3Catalogue of vulnerability context4 – UHSep. 2021Public, Open Access
D5.1Catalogue of attention and inclusion practices for FDP in the EU influence area1 – UCMJan. 2020Public, Open Access
D5.2TAIS: definition and guidelines – preliminary version5 – MENEDEKMay 2020Public
D5.3TAIS: definition and guidelines5 – MENEDEKOct. 2021Public, Open Access
D5.4Catalogue of TAIS4 – UHNov. 2021Public
D6.1Training and evaluation materials3 – UNIMEDFeb. 2020Public
D6.2Report on implementation of TAISs in ARUs3 – UNIMEDSep. 2021Public
D6.3Report on the involvement of local stakeholders3 – UNIMEDJan. 2022Public
D7.1Research stories from ARUs: report and analysis3 – UNIMEDSep. 2021Public
D7.2Cross-pilot workshop reports2 – CESIEOct. 2021Public
D7.3Evaluation criteria: actor-oriented and integrated evaluation – preliminary version4 – UHMar. 2020Public, Open Access
D7.4Evaluation criteria: actor-oriented and integrated evaluation4 – UHSep. 2021Public
D8.1Requirements for the CRIOS1 – UCMOct. 2019Public
D8.2CRIOS1 – UCMApr. 2020Public
D9.1Data Management Plan2 – CESIEJul. 2019Public, upon request
D9.2Privacy Plan2 – CESIEJun. 2019Public, upon request
D9.3Communication and Dissemination plan2 – CESIEJul. 2019Public, upon request
D9.4Communication materials: press & media products2 – CESIEFeb. 2020Public
D9.6Project website2 – CESIEMay 2019Public
D9.7Communication materials: videos, e- Newsletters or project blog addressed to key stakeholders2 – CESIEJul. 2019Public, upon request
D9.8Printed materials with the project results2 – CESIENov. 2021Public
D9.9Policy brief1 – UCMDec. 2021Public
D9.10Documentary1 – UCMDec. 2021Public

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