Statutory Values


The Observatory for forced displacement is an initiative of RAISD Project, born with the aim of facilitating access to basic information for forcibly displaced persons, in addition to supporting organizations and research personnel that work day by day to help improve the quality of life of this group. In addition, the Observatory promotes collaboration and awareness raising in host/transit societies and considers the situation of forcibly displaced people within the context of their journey from their countries of origin.



    To provide a comprehensive and collaborative forum for interchanging ideas and knowledge between professionals and organizations working in forced migration, putting the needs, challenges and experiences of displaced people at the very core of the initiative. To enhance the value of civil society organizations’ work and making their initiatives, projects and programs visible. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate access to basic information for refugees and asylum seekers.


    Contribute to making forcibly displaced people, their needs, challenges and opportunities more visible to the society, and drawing specific attention to the most vulnerable persons among the displaced. To become a lively reference community for the variety of stakeholders working within forced migration that contributes to co-creating initiatives that can improve the life conditions and empower forcibly displaced people.



    In RAISD, we firmly believe that it is not the people that are vulnerable, but the contexts that make persons vulnerable. We focus on exploring and understanding the underlying factors and complexities of the diverse contexts faced by forcibly displaced people in the countries of origin, transit and hosting societies. We believe in actively listening to forcibly displaced people, in the deep understanding of their needs, the contextualization of their situation and the collaborative work in order to create better attention and inclusion programs and policies. Therefore, together with our Action Research Units (ARUS), we have created the Observatory to serve as a platform for sharing information and experiences, offering opportunities for collaborating in research, assistance and training programs, and providing useful information for forcibly displaced people.



    Collaboration, sustainability, responsibility, sharing, resilience, empowering, creative innovation.




    The Observatory:


    • Fosters our Action Research Units (ARUS) continuity within new project initiatives
    • Acknowledges the collaboration of organizations and individuals that have contributed to RAISD and invites new collaborators to join us
    • Gives continuity to RAISD project and sustainability to our Tailored Attention and Inclusion Strategies (TAIS)
    • Facilitates networking between organizations
    • Provides a forum and a platform for interchanging ideas among stakeholders
    • Becomes an information source for forced migration research and intervention activities
    • Organizes offline and online events, contests, etc.
    • Offers work and volunteering opportunities from collaborators
    • Facilitates information and contacts for shared initiatives and projects
    • Spreads the news about forcible displacement and related issues