Collaborative Research and Innovation Online Software Tool (CRIOS)

Collaborative Research and Innovation Online Software Tool

The Collaborative Research and Innovation Online Software (CRIOS) is a platform that implements several functions, utilities and services to support the collaborative work between different stakeholders. Following the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) (Owen et al., 2012), these stakeholders include representatives of all the interested parties, who will participate as first-order actors in the RAISD activities.

The platform embodies a process architecture for the co-design and analysis activities related to the Vulnerability Contexts (VCs) and the Tailored Attention and Inclusion Strategies (TAISs) in the context of teams organized as working Action Research Units (ARUs).

The process architecture is a well-structured workflow consisting of various phases that are supported by appropriate tools and methods, which guide the participation of innovation and knowledge actors through the activities. This work is organised around the collaborative edition of documents and online discussions, allowing teams to gather information and develop the related artefacts.

CRIOS helps also users in these tasks with analysis to study and understand the related information and data, e.g. helping to identify the profile of a person from interviews.

This process architecture partly reflects the RAISD methodologies.


Collaborative Research and Innovation Online Software Tool

Requirements for the CRIOS

 Identification of needs regarding software tools in the project.
It includes a first stage of traditional requirements elicitation through interviews with users,
and then needs extracted from feedback and observation of actual action-research activities.