REFUGEE COWARDNESS, Pablo Antonio Letelier Meza

Master of my fate

bitter and desolate

sudden loss of control

mutilated heart.

Corrupted innocence

mistold subtleties

stampede warnings

emotions and looks.

Martial crunch

lethal blow

sound of evil

fatal future.

Destroyed joy

perforated impact

like part of the escape

crushed moribund.

Bombs fall on the corner

we walk aimlessly

thought that dominates

the voice of the murderer.

Unconvinced soldier

gives his life for his country

he doesn’t care if it’s defeated

there’s no solution without glory

Whispered belief

your past, guilty

your laugh, crazy

entrenched rebel.

Who wins in the sadness

of the wealthy owner

the city impoverishes

forgotten disguise.

Help hasn’t arrived

and repeated abuse

by infected air

miracles have been lost.

You don’t play with hunger,

with life, and revenge

with the thirst of the denier

hope of all hope.

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RAISD – Reshaping Attention and Inclusion Strategies for Distinctively vulnerable people among the forcibly displaced 

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